Few elite athletes will take part in the Sunday, May 13th 2018 international junior match in Tel-Aviv. Some of them will lead the European athletics in the next years and some even the world top rankings.


From Romania Andreea Miklos will run the 400m. Miklos is the 400m silver medalist at the Grosseto 2017 European U20 championships with a 52.31 PB. Her country mate, 1500m runner Angela Olenici is a 4:32.07 PB and the 9th place from Nairobi 2017 U18 world championships. From the jumping events Romania sends long jumper 7m63 Samuel Bucsa, bronze medalist from Nairobi 2017. As for the throwing event the two elite throwers are Shot Puter Diana Tiganasu (14.65 PB), Nairobi 2017 Shot put and Discus throw finalist and Hammer thrower Grosseto 2017 Euro finalist Micu Mihaita (72.50m PB).


Belarus joined the match last year and their input can be amazing. This year the Belarusian team will still be a shorter list then the others, non the less, they still bring at least 4 top athletes, all in the throwing events. Tatsiana Ramanovich with 61.08m Hammer throw PB, Fifth at the Nairobi 2017 U18 WC; Javelin thrower Yuliya Makeyeva with 49.41m PB and the sixth place in Nairobi. From the male dep. One of the top throwers in the entire match is Shot-puter Dzmitry Karpuk with a 21.44m PB and fourth in Grosseto last year. Nairobi 2017 Hammer throw finalist Dzianis Shabasau will try to best his 69.83m PB.


The Ukrainian delegation includes 15.25m shot put PB Tetiana Kravchenko and Discus thrower Daria Harkusha with 48.40m PB and the 7th place at the Nairobi 2017 U18 WC. Her most dangerous rival in this match will be Israeli Estel Valeano with a 49.74m PB and the 7th place at Grosseto last year. Mykhailo Havryliuk throws the hammer as far as 75.85m in his best. He was a finalist at the 2017 Grosseto U20 Euro championships.


Tow athletes from Cyprus are marked as their top for this match. Christos Tamanis is a 4.90m Pole vaulter and the 2017 U18 WC silver medalist. Still, he's two rivals are Israeli Maxim Goldowski and Ukrainian Taras Shevtsov who jumped higher than him. Shevtsov with 5.10 PB and Goldowski with 5.00m mark personal and seasonal records. Discus thrower Giorgos Koniarakis was 7th in the 2017 Euro U20 with a 63.08m PB.


Beside Valeano and Goldowski, the Israeli host delegation will fight for the 5 points best rank in the 100m with sprinter Gal Arad with is 10.59 PB, alongside Ukrainian Vasyl Makukh who owns a same PB mark. Yonatan Haim tops the 3000m runners field with is 8:45.8 PB and SB.

Andreea Miklos